What is the Tip Grip?

The Grip Tip is a high quality rod replacement tip which easily screws onto the fractured end of most fishing rods. If your rod snaps, just screw on the Grip Tip and keep on fishing.

Product Features

  • The Grip Tip is threaded, making it easy to apply and remove from a rod.
  • The Grip Tip is reusable many times, or it may be left on permanently.
  • The Grip Tip does not damage the rod.
  • One size fits almost all rods, 8/64 down to 3.5/64, including ultra light, ice fishing, and some fly sizes.
  • The #GTL fits big game and salt water rods, 12/64 to 8/64.
  • The quality ceramic guide is molded in and cannot be popped out.
  • Made In The USA in Bellingham, WA.
  • Patented in the USA, with foreign patents pending.


pix of all three grip tip types

pix of grip tip

The Grip Tip is available in three finishes


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